Plan Canada - Volume 21, Number 2 (June 1981)

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The citification of small towns: A challenge to planning / Gerald Hodge -- The B.C. Agricultural Land Commission: A review and evaluation / John T. Pierce -- Federal involvement in land policy -- The role of the Lands Directorate / Doug Hoffman -- [Book review] Canadian urban growth trends: Implications for a national settlement policy, by Ira M. Robinson / Nigel Richardson -- [Review] Federal policy on land use, Ministry of Supply and Services, Government of Canada & Land use in Canada: Report of the Interdepartmental Task Force on Land-use Policy, The Task Force (L.C. Munn, Land Directorate, Chairman) / Harry Lash -- [Book review] Social impact assessment in small communities, by Roy T. Bowles, Social impact assessment: Theory, method and practice, edited by Frank J. Tester & William Mykes, & Social impact assessment: A cross-disciplinary guide to the literature, by Michael J. Carley & Ellan Odiorne Derow / Peter Boothroyd -- [Book review] New communities in Canadian urban settlements, by John H. Chibuk & Dan Kusel / Mary Rawson -- [Book review] The Soviet city, ideal and reality, by James H. Bater / Hans Blumenfeld & Greg Mason -- [Book review] Socio-economic factors pertaining to single-industry resource towns in Canada: A bibliography with selected annotations, by Robert K. Maguire / Mike Gunder -- Stop Spadina / Hans Blumenfeld
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