Balancing intensification and open space in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area

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Beveridge, Robin
open space
public realm
urban intensification
As cities grow and intensify to accommodate the needs of growing populations, the availability of open space becomes increasingly important. Studies increasingly support the value of including nature and other open spaces within cities for health, social, environmental and economic reasons demonstrating the importance of incorporating open space into intensification plans. The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) describes growth policy and intensification requirements in southern Ontario to 2041. Through an exploratory case study of urban growth centre municipalities in the GGH, the balance of intensification and open space is explored through a document review and interviews with municipal staff. Using grounded theory analysis, findings suggest that while open space may not be lost due to intensification, parkland dedication, public access to private spaces and fostering the public realm will play an important role to meet the open space needs of future growing populations.
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