Individual preparedness for nuclear power plant emergencies

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Desantis, Donna
Public health
Nuclear physics
To prepare for nuclear disaster, risk reduction strategies such as the pre-distribution of potassium iodide (KI) pills are essential, along with education on KI pill usage and other emergency preparedness measures. This research study was conducted to explore the existing knowledge on individual preparedness for residents living in a low risk, high impact area of a nuclear power plant. Using a quantitative research methodology, a survey questionnaire was distributed to residents located in the Town of Amherstburg following an announcement to update emergency response plans which would include the future pre-distribution of KI pills. Effective communication and advance notice of the upcoming survey questionnaire elicited a higher than expected response rate among the participants. Although perception of the risk was high, individual knowledge on KI and preparedness for nuclear disaster was largely misunderstood. In conclusion, communication is an important factor in the provision of information in order to increase resilience amongst the public.
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