Acts of Resistance – Cultural Humility in Action: How First Nations Health Authority Employees Have Become Catalysts for Systems Change and Equity

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Moon, Katelyn
School of leadership studies
Eleven diverse First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) employees with deep practices of cultural humility participated in this action-oriented research to answer the question: How might the lived experience of FNHA employees, who have a sustained commitment to cultural humility and who enact acts of resistance against colonialism and white supremacy, inform how cultural humility is developed and actioned? Participants shared personal journeys of cultural humility development over their lives in three methods: interviews, a circle discussion, and a kitchen table discussion. Participants contributed to themes, conclusions, and recommendations for a relational and reciprocal culture of safety, a culture of humility, and a culture of learning that elevates the wisdom held by FNHA employees. The outcomes of this research will contribute to the development of the FNHA’s Culture and People Development Program to support organizational learning. This research was conducted in accordance with Royal Roads University and FNHA research ethics approval.
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