Plan Canada - Volume 48, Number 2 (Summer 2008)

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Celebrating best practices of Indigenous planning|Hommage aux pratiques examplaires d'aménagement autochtone
Home and abroad: We share common opportunities and challenges|Occasions et défis communs au pays et à l'étranger / Blake Hudema -- Indigenous planning special edition|Numéro spécial sur l'aménagement autochtone / Aaron Aubin & Jeffrey Cook -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- Building on traditions of the past: The rise and resurgence of First Nations CCP / Jeffrey Cook -- Comprehensive community planning in the Atlantic region: Where we go from here / Tracey L. Wade -- The need to do more: Advancing planning with First Nation communities / Laura Mannell and Heather Ternoway -- "Hith Alis Lax Gwa-yas-dums": Moving from crisis to hope at Gway-yas-dums Village, Gilford Island, BC - a story of comprehensive community planning / William Trousdale, Jeffrey Cook, & Chief Bob Chamberlin -- First Nations comprehensive community planning - a good investment for Canada / Colin Harivel & Colette Anderson -- Why hire a planner? / Wes Shennan -- Intergovernmental community planning: The Sliammon First Nation and City of Powell River experience / Stephen Gallagher -- First Nations urban reserves in Saskatoon: Partnerships for positive development / Lorne Sully, Livia Kellett, Joseph Garcea, & Ryan Walker -- The path forward: First Nations land use planning as a unifying community process / Rahul Ray & David Harper -- Ts'enwecw Te TmiCW: Our sacred land / Catherine Berries, Charlene Higgins, & Chief Mike Retasket -- Evolution of corporate models in First Nation communities / John Curry & Han Donker -- Recognizing urban Aboriginal populations in Canadian cities / Amie Baker -- The changing legal landscape for Aboriginal land use planning in Canada / Richard Krehbiel -- Accelerating to action: An implementation toolkit for community plans - our challenge...moving forward with community plans / Dan Yarymowich -- Young Aboriginal voices in planning: A First Nations planner speaks about building capacity in comprehensive community planning / Meagan Wilson -- Governance and treaty making: The Tłįchǫ Land Use Plan / Eddie Erasmus, Andrea Nokleby, & Margaret Kralt -- The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a global strategic plan / Patrick Kelly -- The First Nations comprehensive community plan process: Potential impediments to success / Christine Callihoo -- Defining Aboriginal populations: The forecasting and planning challenge / Colette Isaac & David J. Stinson -- Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Section 11.4.1(a): A new focus for planning in the territory / Vicki Mark
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