Giving students voices : a design for a youth leadership program at a British Columbia high school

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Calman, Shelby
21st Century Learning,
Action Research
BC Core Competencies
BC Curriculum
Case Study
Youth Leadership
The research project described in this thesis entailed the development of a conceptual design for a youth leadership program intended for implementation in an urban British Columbia public secondary school (grades 8-12). The project included elements of a case study with action research and involved an Action Research Team (ART) composed of the author’s colleagues and student researchers. As proposed, the program was intended to align with the new British Columbia Ministry of Education K-12 curriculum and to offer students opportunities to develop leadership attributes and skills relevant to real-world contexts. Recommendations for the implementation of the intended program are based on results from student input and current literature around engaged citizenship building in a school setting. Keywords: Action Research, Case Study, ART, youth leadership, BC Curriculum, 21st Century Learning, BC Core Competencies
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