A utilization-focused evaluation of the natural step, sustainability for leaders- level one course

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MacIver, James
The Natural Step (TNS) is a global non-profit organization, providing a science-based framework, methodology, tools, and training for sustainability to: leaders; change agents; and champions in organizations and communities. This thesis is a utilization-focused evaluation of a two-day course called Sustainability for Leaders – Level One, which was designed and delivered as a pilot over six sessions, in six cites, by TNS Canada in the Fall/Winter of 09/10 (course now ongoing). TNS Canada’s intention is to scale use of TNS Framework upwards and outwards within Canada. Research included: evaluating course materials; observing pilot deliveries; interviewing course designers, facilitators, participants; and assessing participant feedback. The research uncovered many positives in the course, but also found areas for improvement. Feedback and specific recommendations are given about: course design, facilitation, course impacts, the integration and definition of leadership for future deliveries, and knowledge generated for the Sustainability for Leaders – Level Two course.
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