Plan Canada - Volume 48, Number 1 (Spring 2008)

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Planning for climate change|Aménagement et changements climatiques
Where is our profession going, and are we going with it?|Quelle direction la profession va-t-elle prendre et parviendrons-nous à suivre? / Blake Hudema -- We've got to have a plan|Il est temps d'avoir un plan / Ken O'Brien -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- The basics of climate change / Gerri King -- Adapting to climate change in coastal areas: Six steps local land use planner can take / Amber Nicol -- Climate change: Canadian cities are doing their share / Intergovernmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research (ICURR) -- CIP forays into climate change / Beate Bowron & Gary Davidson -- Preparing for climate change impacts in local, regional and state governments / Elizabeth Willmott -- Urban heat islands: A climate change adaption strategy for Montreal / Chee F. Chan, Julia Lebedeva, José Otero, & Gregory Richardson -- Clotheslines / Ken O'Brien -- Renewable energy: Exploring options for farmers, rural landowners, and rural communities / Sarah-Patricia Breen -- Local climate change visions: A new process for community planning and outreach using visualization tools / Stephen RJ Sheppard -- Assessing vulnerability to climate change and flooding in the City of London, Upper Thames River Basin, Ontario -- Linda Mortsch & Andrea J. Hebb -- Planning, politics and climate change: Research results / Devin Causley -- Community energy planning: Critical actions for success / Ron Macdonald & Siobhan Murphy -- My first planning assignment / Rob Roycroft -- Food for thought|Alimenter le débat... / Amie Baker -- [Book review] The amenity migrants: Seeking and sustaining mountains and their cultures edited by Laurence A.G. Moss / Dan Wallace
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