How can an online resource toolkit support international learners in the successful transition from post-secondary studies to the Canadian workplace?

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Hamel-Taylor, Corinne L.
International students in Canada are a growing industry that is impacting our communities. Canada is considered a safe and affordable country to attend post-secondary institutes and institutions. While over half of the international students in Canada plan to apply for permeant residence in Canada (Adamoski, 2015) cost of living and quality of life play an increasing role in location and post-secondary choices. British Columbia’s (BC’s) mild climate and varied terrain offers a draw for foreigners entering post-secondary studies. Most of this group gravitates towards the mainland and southwest regions, but recent increases in the cost of living will likely see this migration shift to smaller communities. Among other provinces and territories, BC has a vested interest in retaining Canadian-trained students in order to develop a healthy economy. In BC, international students are encouraged to remain in their communities of study and become contributing members of society. BC recognizes the economic value in retaining these educated graduates and encouraging them to become permanent residents. Provincial pathways to immigration guide this group through multiple immigration plans according to need and intention. In order to retain Canadian-trained international students, BC has developed a number of immigration pathways to immigration to meet the diverse needs of this group. The purpose of this Major Project is to connect international students to their BC communities and assist with providing relevant employment opportunities by providing an online toolkit as a resource to develop personal pathways to employment. Educators and prospective employers are also encouraged to use this toolkit to educate themselves and support international, Canadian-trained student in their intentions to remain in BC.
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