An online pre-briefing for a blended learning neonatal resuscitation program simulation training course - learner perception and experience

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Boyce, Christy M
blended learning
This research is a qualitative case study on the use of an online pre-briefing module in an established healthcare simulation Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) in a Canadian health authority. In-person pre-briefing of learners before they begin simulation training has been shown to improve the learners’ engagement and increase learner psychological safety in healthcare simulation training. Although there is evolving research supporting simulation pre-briefing practices and frameworks, the benefits of online learning environments for pre-briefings are not understood. Using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a theoretical framework, my research provided an online pre-briefing for NRP learners, seeking to understand their perception of the applied eLearning design and their sense of psychological safety in the subsequent in-person training day. Recognizing limited sample size, findings reveal numerous potential benefits of an online pre-briefing on learner engagement and preparation for simulation. Recommendations include the further examination of this online simulation teaching practice.
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