Environmental guide for maritime operations on the West Coast of Canada

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Beerman, D.
Remote sensing
Applied sciences
Earth sciences
British Columbia
This guide provides maritime operators with information on parameters which affect various aspects of operations in coastal regions of British Columbia. The parameters of interest include bottom features, physical oceanography, meteorology, ambient noise, and the associated acoustical implications. Particular emphasis is placed on the effect of these parameters on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) detection. Each parameter is presented in terms of its quality, quantity, variability, and impact on maritime operations. This volume presents the bulk of the data in an unclassified format, while Part II presents classified magnetic anomaly detection data. The data presented in this guide also provide the foundation for the Canadian west coast segment of a PC-based geographic information system (GIS) which is based on software developed by Earth and Ocean Research Limited, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
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