Hospital employees' perceptions of circadian lighting: A pharmacy department case study

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McCunn, Lindsay J.
Wright, Jeremy
An interdisciplinary body of literature has focused on the role of lighting in mitigating patient and employee stress and error-producing conditions in hospital settings. The purpose of this case study was to explore how a new circadian lighting system installed in a small pharmacy unit with no penetration of natural light is experienced by staff. Psychosocial variables, such as affective organizational commitment, perceived productivity, wellbeing, and satisfaction with the physical work environment were measured in order to further a line of enquiry that may help facilities managers and hospital administrators make optimal choices when purchasing lighting and commissioning retrofits.
This is an accepted manuscript version of an article that was published as: McCunn, L.J. & Wright, J. (2019). Hospital employees’ perceptions of circadian lighting: A pharmacy department case study. Journal of Facilities Management, 17(5), 422-437. DOI: 10.1108/JFM-04-2019-0016
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