Sanctuaries: Creating nurturing spaces within communities

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Wolf, Iris Kathleen
Sanctuaries exist in many forms. They provide safety and refuge for humans and animals, in form of natural and wildlife sanctuaries. Sanctuaries also provide a sacred space for humans intending to “transcend”, meaning to connect to a higher power. Therefore, sanctuaries can be found as physical indoor and outdoor places but also as a place within oneself. There is a physical and a “non-physical” aspect to sanctuaries. The research in this major project focuses on both, while at the same putting more attention towards the “physical” aspect of sanctuaries. This includes a detailed approach on how community planners can integrate and establish sacred spaces within their communities. It provides a small toolkit for planners, including practical’s steps, on how to transform macro-and micro spaces into sanctuaries. Furthermore, this research also includes a scientific background, based on environmental psychology, on why sanctuaries and sacred spaces contribute to people’s mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. This is going to be the foundation for why communities need to integrate more sanctuaries and sacred spaces.
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