Regenerative development potentials on commercial sites

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Chau, Cynthia
The industrial revolution’s expanding global economies heavily extracted natural resources for industrial growth, resulting in adverse anthropogenic consequences (De Vries, 2013, p. 124). IKEA, a Swedish home furnishings company, is built on the notion of continuous growth. Could countering large retail organizations, such as IKEA's, adverse ecological outcomes to transform retail space land use and profitability systems require understanding the challenges for interventions? I compared regenerative development principles with the current IKEA store designs to identify and reveal potential opportunities to build natural and social capital in IKEA Canada's markets. The research objectives are to explore regenerative design frameworks, the current IKEA store design challenges, and barriers to regenerative development; to discover how regenerative solutions could apply to IKEA’s store design process. Based on my findings, I made recommendations that could also serve as a blueprint for other large retail sites.
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