The impact of trauma on learning and the value of trauma informed practices in education

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Geeraert, Katherine M.
Childhood trauma is pervasive and can have a major impact on the developing brain. The impact of trauma has the potential to affect a child across cognitive, social, behavioural, and emotional domains. Although it may be difficult for an educator to pinpoint trauma as a precipitating factor in student behaviour, becoming trauma informed and understanding the role of trauma informed practices in education may empower educators to better understand and help affected students. Schools can implement proactive trauma informed practices to mitigate the effects of trauma on youth and maximize student success. Trauma informed practices in education focus on establishing a safe, predictable environment, building positive, supportive relationships, and teaching emotional management and self-regulation. This project provides an overview of trauma, the effects of trauma on the brain and student learning, and describes trauma informed practices in education. As well, this project includes an index that educators may use to reflect on their current practices.
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