Pond hockey dads and climate change : how Canadian fathers feel about the threat of losing the game they love

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Gordon, James
Backyard Hockey
Climate Change
This text/video thesis investigates how Canadian fathers feel about the threat of losing pond hockey, a revered game they love, to climate change. It responds to the David Suzuki Foundation’s (DSF) assertion that under a global ‘business as usual’ rate of producing greenhouse gases, the skating season of the world’s largest ‘rink’--the Rideau Canal--would shrink from a nine week historical average to just one week by century’s end (DSF, 2009a). Seven outdoor-hockey-loving fathers were interviewed, which revealed their willingness to share feelings of concern, sadness, fear, uncertainty, and need for action to mitigate against and adapt to the ill-effects of climate change on this game, and more serious social situations. Despite concerns it was revealed they took few substantial actions against climate change, which they recognized might affect themselves, their children, communities, and future generations. Conversation, at times nostalgic, helped make these issues more salient.
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