Interorganizational collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Evanow, Lauren Marie
first-person action research
interorganizational collaboration
interorganizational collaboration
This thesis explored the question: “How might I act to facilitate interorganizational collaboration as an outside third-party action researcher and leader?” This first person-action research applied action learning methodologies and methods that included reflexive learning through journal writing and engaging in feedback sessions with feedback partners and a subject-matter expert. This study found that my own feelings, actions, and behaviours as well as those of others influenced the level of success of my ability to facilitate interorganizational leadership. The findings also demonstrated my ability and desire to learn new behaviours and actions that may improve my skills as a facilitative leader in the context of interorganizational collaboration. Recommendations for facilitating interorganizational collaboration as an outside third party and possible areas for further examination arose from this study. Keywords: action learning research; interorganizational collaboration; facilitative leadership, and change leadership; first-person action research.
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