Mindfulness meditation: a brief training method for working memory and mindfulness attention awareness

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Doerr, Larissa
Improving fluid intelligence has been a widely debated topic. However, it has been found possible through the improvement of working memory capacity. Mindfulness meditation can be used as a method to improve working memory capacity. Therefore, mindfulness meditation can improve certain higher process cognitive abilities such as fluid intelligence. However, the focus of recent research has been on long-term mindfulness meditation programs. Long-term mindfulness meditation studies are difficult to complete and suffer from high attrition rates. To account for this shortcoming, this study aims to examine the impact of short-term mindfulness meditation techniques on the working memory capacity of university students. Increased working memory capacity is beneficial for university students because it raises fluid intelligence. The researchers will be using two videos, a mindfulness meditation video and a podcast, to simulate a mindfulness meditation program. To assess the effect of these videos, a self-report inventory and a performance working memory capacity task will be used. We predict that those participants exposed to the mindfulness meditation video will demonstrate improvements in working memory capacity scores thus an increase in fluid intelligence.
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