Plan Canada - Volume 43, Number 4 (Winter 2003)

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Building communities|Bâtir des communautés
From the desk of Christopher Leach|Du bureau de Christopher Leach / Chris Leach -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- From the senior editor|Le mot de la rédactrice principale / Jill Grant -- Sustainable cities / Judith Maxwell -- Planning on the defensive / Peter Marcuse -- Building connections / Colleen Clare -- Building character / Paula Costello -- Building infrastructure / Dennis Friesen -- Building capacity / Samantha Murphy -- New directions for rural planning: Community-based approaches to conflict resolution / Wayne Caldwell & Jennifer Ball -- The process of changing process: Planning technologies and variance review / Ari Goelman -- The old/new neighbours - breaking ground in collaborative land use planning between First Nations and local governments / Kasia Tota -- Pour une intégration satisfaisante des installations d'Hydro-Québec dans les collectivités / André Boivert, Guy Huot, & Daniel Thériault -- Blooming boulevards: A new tool for green space management / Sandy James -- Expanding accessibility: Vancouver's Mount Pleasant Wellness Walkways / Alan Duncan -- Connection the national urban strategy, planning, and the Urban Sustainability Index / Barry Wellar -- The learning curve / Mark TeKamp -- Struggling with rural decline / Susan Guppy
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