Creating more powerful and engaged teachers for public Schools in India

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Gupta, Ishneet
This research project aims to create more powerful and engaged teachers for public schools in India. To achieve this aim, a Professional Development Course for the teachers and principals was prepared to explore the role of a leader in a distributed leadership setting. I did extensive research in the field of distributive leadership and hence based my model of distributive leadership on that research. My own experiences as a high school teacher, and facing the challenges of not being able to exercise my chain of thoughts freely due to limited access to resources, and being in a conventional leadership environment where only principal was the boss led me to work on the concept of distributive leadership. This is an attempt to break through the conventional leadership styles in Indian schools and bringing teachers to the forefront as well. With the implementation of my distributive leadership model in Indian schools, I believe to achieve a new leadership style in schools across India and building healthy environments of professional and collaborative learning.
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