Native and exotic tree leaves contributions to formation of different soil organic matter pools

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Munro, Charles
Atlantic Rainforest
Isotopic Dilutiuon
Minas Gerais
Soil Organic Carbon
Soil Organic Matter
Deforestation around the world contributes to climate change and soil quality loss. The Atlantic Forest in Brazil has been deforested by 93%. Leaf litter from 16 native trees to the Atlantic Forest and Eucalyptus was decomposed in 14C soil and 3 soil organic matter (SOM) pools were analyzed. It was found that Paineira, Pau Brasil, Eucalyptus and Araticum contributed the highest percentage to stable SOM formation (>25% of total input). Substrate use efficiency, SOM formation efficiency, priming effect (over time) and other variables were used in a correlational analysis to produce P and R significance values. The objectives were (i) to provide information about how native species contribute to Soil Organic Matter formation; and (ii) to provide information about soil organic matter formation processes. The data can be used to help select species for agroforestry and/or native forest planting.
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