The establishment of a database on current research in UNESCO biosphere reserves: limitations and opportunities

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Shaw, Pamela
Price, Martin F.
Alexander, Taylor
Gadoya, Rushi
Sakaki, Graham
Shaw, Lauren
The investigation into current research on biosphere reserves is complex and multi-faceted. Numerous factors, including the widespread interests of those publishing on biosphere reserves, publication methods, author languages, and the peculiarity of various search engines makes the determination of gaps, patterns, and opportunities in research a convoluted task. To respond to the question “what is the current state of research on biosphere reserves?” a major university-led research project was developed as a partnership between the University of the Highlands and Islands and Vancouver Island University. Over a two-year period, a database of more than 5000 articles, studies, and research documents was compiled, covering the majority of the EuroMAB biosphere reserves. It is hoped that future research will seek to catalogue similar works across the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. It is hoped that the publication of this article will prompt involvement by the biosphere reserve scientific community in building a complete and detailed database that accurately represents the state of current research across the World Network.
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