[Pre-print] Membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS): A versatile tool for direct, real-time chemical measurements

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Krogh, Erik T.
Gill, Chris G.
Membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS) is a direct, continuous, online measurement technique. It utilizes a membrane to semi-selectively transfer analyte mixtures from a sample to a mass spectrometer, rejecting the bulk of the sample matrix, which can be a gas, liquid or solid/slurry. Analyte selectivity and sensitivity is affected by optimizations at the membrane, ionization and the mass spectrometer levels. MIMS can be roughly classified by the acceptor phase that entrains analyte(s) to the mass spectrometer after membrane transport, either a gaseous acceptor phase (GP-MIMS) or condensed acceptor phase (CP-MIMS). The aim of this article is to provide an introduction to MIMS as a technique and to explore current variants, recent developments and modern applications, emphasizing examples from our group, the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories as well as selected work from others in this emerging area. Also provided is a synopsis of current and future directions for this versatile analytical technique.
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