Plan Canada - Volume 60, Number 4 (Winter 2020)

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The pandemic and beyond|La pandémie et au delà
The pandemic and beyond|La pandémie et au delà / Kent Munro & Ray Tomalty -- Technological change and COVID-19: Adaptations for work and communities / Matthew Robinson -- How planners can help main streets adapt and recover / Judy Morgan -- Connecting across cultures: A model for engaging ethnocultural communities in emergency response / Aaron Lao & Belle Cheung -- Parks and the pandemic: Future implication for disaster response through a lens of urgent biophilia / Sasha Mosky and Mikiko Terashima -- Pandemic patios and "flat white" urbanism / Amina Yasin & Daniella Fergusson -- Racialized impacts of COVID-19: A wake-up call for urban planning / Robin Basalaev-Binder & Kevin Manaugh -- COVID-19 and uncertainty: Insights from collaboration between a regional government and a university / Pierre Filion, Markus Moos, & Jean Andrey -- Rues ludiques et rues-écoles : Comment de nouveaux modèles de transformation de la chaussée peuvent aider à redonner la ville aux jeunes pendant la pandémie (et après) / Julien Voyer, Audrey Lise Mallet, Katherine Frohlich, & Mikael St-Pierre -- How COVID-19 affected Ottawa's approach to planning / Stephen Willis -- Building resiliency through 15-minute neighbourhoods / Inge Roosendaal & Alain Miguelez -- Public transport during the COVID-19 pandemic / Ajay Agarwal & Claire Lee -- What does public engagement look like during a global pandemic? / Dallas Clowes, Stirling Scory, & Jana Zelenski -- CIP honours and awards / L’ICU honneurs et prix -- COVID-19: The end of an era|COVID-19 : La fin d’une ère / Ken Cameron -- Planning research digest|Condensé de recherches en urbanisme -- Planner's bookshelf
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