Reggio — it’s technofying! Technology-based education implementation in a Reggio-inspired pedagogy

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Noon, Cheryl A.
Reggio Emilia education began in Italy following World War II. In recent years, as educational reforms have focused more on experiential, hands-on, or inquiry-based learning, the Reggio Approach has spread worldwide. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Reggio Approach and its learners suffered as learning was moved online. This sudden demand for technology-based learning left students and teachers of British Columbia —and globally —in a scramble to find, adapt, or develop new pedagogy and resources, but particularly challenged the core values of Reggio programs. This project looks to unite the values and pedagogy of Reggio-inspired education with the technology-based practices that are becoming commonplace in schools. Specifically, this project is based on an intermediate elementary learning environment in a Reggio-inspired setting and examines the lack of research in these areas. The Reggio Approach is most frequently used with young students while technology-based education is used with older students and implemented by teachers who are comfortable and competent with the available tools and resources. Through this project, the gap that is intermediate elementary is examined in both the context of Reggio-inspired education and technology-based resources. Finally, this project is dedicated to merging technology into the Reggio Approach in a way that respects the philosophy. The project itself presents a number of technological resources and tools that can be used within the Reggio pedagogy
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