The impact of knowledge transfer in early childhood education and international business management : a case study of the transition of a model of early childhood programming from a Canadian kindergarten to a Chinese based subsidiary

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Furukawa, Liton
business management
curriculum and instruction
early childhood education
international business and business management
international relationships and partnerships
knowledge transfers
This research explores the challenges and opportunities involved in the transition of a model of early childhood programming from a Canadian kindergarten to a Chinese based subsidiary including curriculum tensions and perceptions of implementation, parent perception, and business model transition. The theoretical framework is rooted in John Dewey’s concepts – educational theory, pragmatism, and transactional theory. The conceptual framework is comprised of three intersecting areas: 1) curriculum and instruction in early childhood education, 2) international relationships and partnerships in international business and 3) business management in knowledge transfer related to the challenges and possibilities of how early childhood education engages the various national settings in the global context. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used, which allowed for a subsequent multi-faceted analysis using the dissertation’s conceptual and theoretical frameworks. In the Chinese setting, an in-depth case study methodology incorporating interviews, observations and documentation, was designed to capture dynamic conversations and experiences of research participants within the early childhood education setting. In addition to the four qualitative methods, a quantitative study was used to survey the perceptions of parents. A holistic analysis approach was chosen both for the qualitative and quantitative components to better understand the rich and contextual numeric and non-numeric data. The research not only explores what it takes to establish, operate, and sustain an international business in the early childhood education industry, but also examines comprehensively a Canadian curriculum as a model using the research concept map. This would not be a typical case in China and will give a further nuanced and more complete understanding of the knowledge transfer complexity within Chinese early childhood education settings.
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