What are the attitudes of off-highway vehicle users towards their environmental impacts?

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Villanueva, Gareth
New Ecological Paradigm
Off Highway Vehicle
This study was designed to illuminate how Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) users view their impact on, and relationship with, the environment. The target group for this study were individuals who rode any vehicle classified as an OHV including dirt bikes, All-Terrain Vehicles, and other similar vehicles. To discover what these attitudes were, in-person surveys and semi structured interviews were conducted using questions derived from the New Ecological Paradigm and weighted on a Likert scale to determine the strength of values. These in-person surveys were conducted at 2 separate locations in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes. Discovering the values OHV users hold in relation to their environmental impacts could allow the Alberta government to adapt their land-use policies in a way which satisfies their constituents while still protecting the environment. The compiled survey results will also inform future public education campaigns aimed at reducing damage caused by OHVs. It was found that members of OHV clubs were less likely to have pro-environmental worldviews than non-members. Keywords: OHV, Off Highway Vehicle, environment
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