Perceptions of studio-based online learning

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Lamorie-Langley, Kate
Online Learner and Professor Perceptions
Online Learning
Online Learning Perceptions
Online Studio-Based Courses
Studio-Based Learning
Technology Mediated Learning
In post-secondary education, online learning has grown and is anticipated to continue. The majority of higher educational institutions are including online learning within their planning strategies. Currently, the majority of online courses are informational in nature, and not focused on hands-on skill based courses. The purpose of this study was to understand learner and professor perceptions of studio-based courses and their ability to be delivered online. Barriers towards online learning and other contributing factors that may influence a learner's decision to enroll in a studio-based course online are also explored.Through a mixed methods research approach, data was collected from learners and professors from two post-secondary institutions. The data collected provides a framework for future curriculum planning and insights into delivery models to ensure studio-based online courses are effective. Suggestions for online delivery of studio-based courses are also provided.
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