Staff responses to implementing environmentally sustainable change at federal fish hatcheries in BC

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Krause, Wayne Edward
Sustainable fisheries
Fish hatcheries
Organizational change
Corporate culture
Organizational sociology
British Columbia
Qualitative research (Research methodology)
Interviews (Research methodology)
Anecdotal information indicates a resistance to change from federal fish hatchery staff regarding environmentally sustainable infrastructure renewal and hatchery operations. Qualitative research was conducted to investigate this phenomenon, using face-to-face interviews with nine hatchery staff across British Columbia. The interviews were audiotaped and transcribed verbatim, and participants‘ responses remained confidential, due to the relatively small hatchery community. Responses were grouped under two headings, Barriers to Change and Embracing Change, and four distinct themes emerged: Governance, Benefits, Education and Research, and Culture and Personal Beliefs. Barriers to change related to governance emerged as the dominant theme during interviews. This research examines the culture of hatcheries and their perceived governance structure, identifies barriers to implementing change, and makes recommendations to foster effective governance. Characterizing hatchery staff responses to change is a significant step in moving towards environmentally sustainable infrastructure renewal and environmentally sustainable program operations.
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