Plan Canada - Vol 39 No 2 (1999)

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    Plan Canada - Volume 39, Number 2 (May/June 1999)
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1999)
    Planning professionalism|Pratique et perspectives de l'urbanisme
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    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1999)
    Table of contents for Plan Canada - Volume 39, Number 2 (May/June 1999).
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    Professing planning: On the horns of the modern/postmodern dilemma
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1999) Wight, Ian
    Editorial article on the "Planning Professionalism" theme of this issue of Plan Canada.
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    A portrait of postmodern planning: Anti-hero and/or passionate pilgrim?
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1999) Sandercock, Leonie
    Many commentators have argued that the modernist planning project has failed. This paper proposes a way forward for the profession, offering a portrait of the postmodern planner as a passionate pilgrim, a tireless seeker after social, environmental and cultural justice in the planning of human settlements. I outline five critical elements of the shift from a modernist to a postmodern paradigm; I ask what, or whom, might inspire our vision of planning for the twenty-first century; and I sketch some of the qualities, or literacies (technical, multicultural, ecological, and design-based), that the passionate pilgrim will need for the journey into the next century.
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    Rummaging in the compost
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1999) Davidson, Gary
    A commentary on the appendix of Dr. Leonie Sandercock's book, Towards cosmopolis: Planning for multicultural cities (Chichester: Wiley, 1998).