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    Still so little for the mind: The enduring relevance of Hilda Neatby's defense of liberal education in public schools
    (The Eric Voegelin Society, 2017-11-27) Livingstone, David
    Hilda Neatby was disturbed by the education system’s sudden and enthusiastic rush to embrace John Dewey’s philosophical ideas. The reforms being implemented in Canadian public schools in the 1940s and 50s were promising to reduce the amount of rote learning, to place less emphasis on facts in order, apparently, to stimulate conceptual learning, and to increase students’ engagement by immersing them in “discovery learning” methods and by appealing to their individual passions and interests. These terms have not disappeared; indeed, in many Canadian provinces and US states they being re-packaged as the key to “twenty-first century” learning objectives. They rest, ironically, on exactly the same philosophical principles Hilda Neatby criticized more than sixty years ago. Since curriculum “experts” in the twenty-first century continue to advocate that teachers should abandon a genuine liberal education for the sake of Dewey-inspired “discovery learning,” Neatby’s critique is worth reviving as part of the ongoing debate about the purpose of education.
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    [Book Review] Why the humanities matter today: In defense of liberal education
    (The Eric Voegelin Society, 2017-11-25) Livingstone, David
    David Livingston reviews "Why the humanities matter today: In defense of liberal education" edited by Lee Trepanier (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2017).
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    What can liberal education provide for citizens of liberal democracy?
    (The Eric Voegelin Society, 2017-11-06) Livingstone, David
    When one looks at the history of higher education in Canada and the United States it is striking to note that at one time every university regarded liberal education as its central purpose. Moreover, that purpose was connected to, though not entirely limited to, citizenship broadly conceived. With some notable exceptions, most of our contemporary publicly-funded universities have drifted from these original goals. I would argue that unless this purpose is recovered by our institutions of higher education, our society and the individuals who make it up will be culturally, politically, and spiritually malnourished, citizenship will be compromised, and debate about difficult issues will continue to become intellectually thinner and simultaneously shriller.
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    Why liberals and conservatives will never, ever agree: [Book Review] The great divide
    (The Eric Voegelin Society, 2015-09-13) Livingstone, David
    David Livingstone reviews "The great divide: Why liberals and conservatives will never, ever agree" by William D. Gairdner (New York: Encounter Books, 2015).
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    [Book Review] Tolerism: The ideology revealed
    (Canadian Journal of Ideas Inc., 2010-03-01) Livingstone, David W.
    Review of "Tolerism: The ideology revealed" by Howard Rotberg (Brantford, ON: Mantua Books, 2009).