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    Elders-in-Residence at Vancouver Island University: Transformational Learning
    (Vancouver Island University, 2011-06) Martin, Melody; Meijer Drees, Laurie
    Postsecondary educational institutions across Canada are increasingly committed to addressing the historical disadvantage of aboriginal learners within their programs. Overall, involvement of Elders is perceived as a positive strategy for improving aboriginal student success. Vancouver Island University in British Columbia has, since 1994, pioneered the employment of aboriginal Elders-in-Residence. The findings of this study, based on the question "What is the value and impact of the role of Elders-in-Residence at Vancouver Island University?" emphasize the positive contribution Elders from local First Nations communities make to daily life on campus, whether in the classroom or at large. Although the study does reveal that concerns exist about the respect and support for, and the nature of, the role of the Elders as teachers, all respondents nonetheless believed in the value of the positions. The study concludes with four important recommendations for improving, clarifying and acknowledging the important contribution Elders bring to postsecondary education.
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    Personal, local, small: a principled approach to Indigenous education
    (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2017) Martin, Melody; Meijer Drees, Laurie
    Since the publication of "Indian Control of Indian Education" in 1972 by the National Indian Brotherhood, discussion about Indigenous Education has proliferated. Few easy solutions to attaining Indigenous control over education exist. This paper suggests three principles to guide new post-secondary efforts to "Indigenize". The principles of "personal, local and small" derive from Coast Salish Indigenous pedagogies and suggest fundamental requirements for inter/cross cultural learning.
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    Sit, watch, listen: Collaboratively creating Indigenous knowledge protocols
    (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 4/10/2012) Meijer Drees, Laurie; Martin, Melody; McFarland, Dana
    First Nations Elders-in-Residence at VIU offered teachings to First Nations and Library faculty to address culturally-responsive representation of indigenous knowledge within formal memory institutions. The project models a collaborative approach, acknowledging the presence and significance of local indigenous knowledges and protocols through fostering genuine, purposeful, non-formal relationships.
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