Plan Canada - Vol 38 No 6 (1998)

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    Plan Canada - Volume 38, Number 6 (November 1998)
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1998-11)
    CIP Winnipeg '98: At the crossroads|WInnipeg '98 ICU: Au carrefour
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    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1998-11)
    Table of contents for Plan Canada - Volume 38, Number 6 (November 1998).
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    Some candid thoughts on planning, planners, and what the heck we do for a living!
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1998-11) Déoux, Patrick G.
    During the last few minutes of his keynote address at the 1997 CIP Conference in Winnipeg, Angus Reid admitted that he is not sure what planners do for a living and even suggested that we might want to change our name. Well Mr. Reid, join the club! Most Canadians do not have a clear understanding of what community planning is about, and those who do usually associate planning with the regulatory aspect of our work-the troublemaker side of our profession's personality. Planning is a multifaceted profession, and it is time to move out of the backrooms and into the forefront.
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    A summary of conference sessions
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1998-11) Seasons, Mark; Grant, Jill; Skelton, Ian
    One of the goals for attendees at any conference is to participate in as many sessions as possible. At most conferences, however, sessions are offered simultaneously, which makes it impossible to attend everything. The Winnipeg Conference Committee addressed this challenge by providing a conference-ending plenary session designed to summarize the key points explored in every session. This article reflects the key observations made by the three conference rapporteurs who followed sessions in each of the conference's three thematic streams: The Changing World, The Changing Profession, and The Changing Community.
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    New realities for regions
    (Canadian Institute of Planners, 1998-11) Johnson, Curtis
    The following article presents excerpts from Curtis Johnson's keynote presentation at the 1998 CIP Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba: "The Emergence of Citistates and their Impact on Urban Planning."