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    Moral panic and electric micromobilities: Seeking space for mobility justice
    (Sage, 2024-06) Travers; Scott, Nicholas; Reed, K.J.; Hall, Peter; Winters, Meghan; Kwan, Grace; Park, Kevin
    This article makes the case that electric micromobilities (EMMs) are the site of a moral panic and employs the lens of mobility justice to explain it. Through analysis of scholarly and media discourse, interviews with, and social media content produced by, EMM riders (eriders), and the auto ethnographic experiences of the lead author as an electric unicycle rider in daily life, as a participant in online and offline “erider” communities, and as a food delivery worker, we reinforce the conclusion that alternate mobilities face an uphill battle in gaining legitimacy and inclusion in transportation policy and infrastructure. While this is not a new finding—alternate mobilities have a long history of being demonized and excluded—this article offers insight into how individuals who find themselves unwitting scapegoats in conflicts over public space consciously engage in deliberate actions to resist EMM panic and achieve greater mobility justice.
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    Canadians’ perspectives on how much space nature needs
    (Canadian Science Publishing, 2019-04-11) Wright, Pamela A.; Moghimehfar, Farhad; Woodley, Alison
    Determining how much to set aside in a system of protected areas has been widely discussed. In the past, targets that have been set internationally and domestically are best described as politically driven. In recent years, there has been a call to shift towards evidence-based targets for conservation. One element that has been largely missing from this dialogue is public perception of how much to protect. We conducted an online, regionally balanced survey of just over 2000 Canadians to ask about their values for protected areas, including how much they thought was currently and should be protected. Overall, Canadians overwhelmingly agree that protected areas are necessary and think that approximately 50% of land and sea should be protected in Canada and globally. Nation-wide support for a significant increase in the amount of land/sea protected is a new finding in Canada, although consistent with applications of the same survey in other countries. As the timeline for achieving the current 2020 protected area targets approaches, countries are beginning to discuss what targets to set for the next decade. Our findings demonstrate strong public support for significantly scaling up Canada’s conservation targets, consistent with ecological evidence.
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    Paramedic Flourishing at Work: A Way Forward
    (2024) Mason, Paige; Harris, Brigitte
    The field of paramedicine is a complex and unique work environment. The paramedic profession is ever evolving to the needs of the community, facing increased challenges compounded by the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health care system. Paramedics are exposed to acute and chronic occupational stressors, traditionally studied with a deficit-based approach to well-being. This study utilized an explanatory sequential mixed methods design to explore paramedic well-being with a strengths-based lens. At a single urban paramedic service, this study followed the thread of flourishing through a quantitative survey to semi-structured interviews utilizing narrative inquiry with an appreciative focus. The integration of these findings resulted in the emergence of aggregate dimensions that were interwoven and operating across many contexts simultaneously. There were five important senses associated with paramedic flourishing at work: sense of role identity congruence, sense of self, sense of coherence, sense of opportunity, and sense of connection. Future research utilizing a salutogenic strength-based lens is necessary to further explore the concepts of paramedic well-being to learn from those that are actively thriving and replicate their flourishing.
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    Exploring physical education teachers' intention and perceived constraints in offering online lessons using the theory of planned behavior: A multi-country analysis
    (MDPI, 2024-04-09) Konukman, Ferman; Filiz, Bijen; Moghimehfar, Farhad; Maghanoy, Mona Adviento; Graber, Kim; Richards, Kevin Andrew; Kinder, Christopher John; Kueh, Yee Cheng; Chin, Ngien-Siong; Kuan, Garry; Jinya, Gin Shi
    Guided by the theory of planned behavior, this study aimed to determine the influence of Physical Education (PE) teachers’ attitudes, their perceived behavioral control, and the influence of subjective norms on their intention and constraints (intrapersonal, interpersonal, and structural) to offer a high-quality class based on best practices to deliver PE lessons online during the COVID-19 pandemic. This cross-sectional, multi-country survey study recruited PE teachers from five countries (China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, and the United States). A total of 928 online questionnaires were used in the analysis. In terms of the overall intention to teach online, our findings showed that American and Filipino teachers had higher levels of intention to continue teaching online. In contrast, Turkish, Malaysian, and Chinese teachers showed a lower interest. Moreover, Malaysian teachers had more intrapersonal constraints while the teachers in the other four countries were not as restrained intrapersonally. The results highlight the significant influence of perceived behavioral control and attitudes on PE teachers’ intention to deliver online courses. Constraints to online teaching had a considerably large negative impact on attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control. Based on the results, the proposed extension to the theory of planned behavior was an appropriate framework for understanding the behavioral intent of PE teachers.
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    Counterweight mass influences single-leg cycling biomechanics
    (PLOS, 2024-06-07) Asmussen, Michael J.; Casto E., Erica; MacInnis, Martin J.; Nigg, Benno M.; Tigrini, Andrea
    The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of varying counterweights on the kinematics (joint angles) and kinetics (joint moments, work) of cycling using a 3D analysis.

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