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    The Montreal model: An integrative biomedical-psychedelic approach to ketamine for severe treatment-resistant depression
    (Frontiers, 2023-09-19) Garel, Nicolas; Drury, Jessica; Lévesque, Julien Thibault; Goyette, Nathalie; Lehmann, Alexandre; Looper, Karl; Erritzoe, David; Dames, Shannon; Turecki, Gustavo; Rej, Soham; Richard-Devantoy, Stephane; Greenway, Kyle T.
    This article presents the Montreal model, a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach to ketamine for severe TRD refined over 6 years in public healthcare settings. To contextualize its development, we review the evidence for ketamine as a biomedical and as a psychedelic treatment of depression, emphasizing each perspectives’ strengths, weaknesses, and distinct methods of utilization. We then describe the key clinical experiences and research findings that shaped the model’s various components, which are presented in detail.
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    Pioneering in the Prairie West
    (Original item published in London by Arthur H. Stockwell, 1933?) Pollard, William Correll
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    [Book review] Restorative cities: Urban design for mental health and wellness
    (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2023-11) Alexander, Don
    Don Alexander reviews Restorative cities: Urban design for mental health and wellness by Jenny Roe and Layla McCay (London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2021).
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    Remembering Nathan Edelson
    (Planning Institute of British Columbia, 2023-11) Alexander, Don
    Obituary for Nathan Edelsen.
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    Foundations of instructional design practices in online learning
    (Electronic version published by Vancouver Island University, 2023) Coon, Tammie L.
    Effective instructional design decisions can be made when they are founded on evidence-based research into the science of learning and the science of instruction. Together these disciplines form the foundation and provide the framework to guide the instructional design process to ensure successful student learning. This Project addresses the Critical Challenge Question (CCQ): How can an understanding of the science of learning and the science of instruction support effective instructional design practices for online learning? Through the process of conducting a literature review on this topic, many overlapping concepts and connections were found among the constructs, theories, principles, and models. This research was the basis for my MEdL Project Build, a website resource for myself and other educators who seek to design instruction that results in effective and successful learning for all students.

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